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Grob Systems, Ohio, Closing Their Doors

Due to corporate changes, a US supplier of parts will be closing shop soon.  If you anticipate needing Grob parts or data, please contact Grob Systems promptly.  - Ed.

February 21, 2007

After more than 24 years of service to the aviation community, the Aircraft Division of Grob Systems, Inc. in Bluffton, Ohio is ceasing operations.  While the new owners of Grob Aerospace in Germany have expressed a commitment to continue supporting the entire line of Grob aircraft, they have unfortunately decided they no longer desire a fixed presence in the U.S.  

My long-time associate, George Stechschulte, and I greatly appreciate all that Dr. Burkhart Grob has done for us and the sport of soaring as a whole, and leave here with a wealth of wonderful friends and experiences.  Our thanks go out to all of you in the soaring community for the opportunity to serve you.


Michael Shade
Grob Systems, Inc.
Bluffton, OH 

Posted: 3/2/2007 By: General News

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