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SSA-OLC Generation 2.0

Dear OLC participants,

On Monday October 9th, the aerokurier Online Contest 2006 year will end. From Tuesday October 10th, flight claims will be scored in the OLC 2007. The start of the new competition year will also mark the release of OLC generation 2.0!

The complete architecture of the OLC program and the user interface have been changed in OLC generation 2.0. The change-over to a modern system was necessary, because the old program could not keep up with the explosive growth of the OLC. To make OLC generation 2.0 the best it could be, a software engineering firm was brought in to help with their special know-how.

One of the big changes for 2007 is a much simpler flight claim process. This will really help the OLC continue to grow by making flight claims almost effortless. Your takeoff airfield will be automatically selected from the IGC file, and there is no need to enter the region. You won't have to wait for your browser to load and parse the entire drop-down list of 13,000 US airfields; the most likely airfield will be selected, and only a small number of alternates are loaded if needed. Also, start and end times are automatically selected, and the turnpoint optimization is completely automatic as well.

The new OLC generation 2.0 has been completely redesigned to be more user friendly. Hopefully the transition will be smooth, with minimal problems. If you do have difficulties with the new interface, don't worry. The submission deadlines for flight claims with technical difficulties will be waived, as long as the problem is reported by email before the 2400 Tuesday deadline. The submission deadline is now 2400 local time on Tuesday, instead of 2400Z, to give US pilots more time to submit their claims.

Some of the many helpful suggestions received have been implemented in the new OLC generation 2.0. Some more will be implemented later in the year.Please understand that it was not possible to implement them all, but your input is still appreciated, so keep the suggestions coming. Not all functions of the new OLC generation 2.0 will be enabled on the initial roll out, and will instead be phased in over time, so please be patient.

Remember that you will need to update your pilot registration information for 2007, but you can do it after you make your first claim. Please check your registration email address, so we can contact you if you have a problem with a claim. Make sure you chose the correct club affiliation, so you can participate in the IGC-OLC World League 2007. While you are at it, help sign up a friend as well!

If you prefer to use flight analysis software to make automatic claims, note that you will need to install a patch to make claims to the OLC 2007. Check your software vendor's web site for the OLC update. Make sure you also download and use the most up-to-date analysis software version available. You should also check with your logger vendor to make sure you have the latest revision of the internal firmware and download software to avoid unnecessary logger validation problems.

The OLC is still the worlds largest decentralized soaring contest, and continues to grow thanks to your support. Please help up make it even bigger and better in 2007!

Doug Haluza

Posted: 10/8/2006 By: OLC Committee

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