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Follow-on Directives to 2020 SSA Contest Organizers - COVID-19

Follow-on Directives to 2020 SSA Contest Organizers – COVID-19

2020 SSA Contest Organizers,

The SSA Contest Committee has continued to monitor the COVID-19 situation since our April 15, 2020 communication. We are now providing guidance for the remainder of the 2020 SSA contest season.

The public health situation has improved overall but remains fragile. States are beginning reopening of non-essential business and some recreational activities. Strong guidance to maintain social distancing, wear masks and practice diligent personal hygiene remain cornerstones of the reopening plans along with particular focus on protecting vulnerable populations. Specifics of the orders and restriction vary by state, and in some cases by county. Testing and tracing capabilities continue to ramp up slowly, so preventing so-called “super-spreading” activities – especially large indoor gatherings or groupings of non-household members where social distancing cannot be maintained - will be a critical part of keeping the pandemic under control for the immediate future.

With this in mind, the Contest Committee has reviewed plans of a number of contests to provide safe environments for pilots to race. Based on that review the Contest Committee has concluded that contests with start dates on or after July 20, 2020 will be sanctioned to go forward subject to two conditions:

1. Organizers must confirm that recreational flying and outdoor gatherings with social distancing are permitted activities under relevant federal, state and county regulations. The following resource may prove helpful in verifying relevant regulations: https://pic.aopa.org/blogs/70

2. Organizers must create and distribute to all participants and support personnel a COVID-19 Response Plan, detailing procedures for operating each activity of the contest safely and in compliance with public health guidance. An example plan for 2020 Sports Class Nationals is attached and can be altered to suit your contest situation.

The Contest Committee reserves the right to rescind sanction for any contest should these conditions not be met or if the public health situation should change.

Best wishes for safe flying.

SSA Contest Committee

• Hank Nixon - Chair

• Pete Alexander – US Team Committee

• Andy Blackburn - Contest Rules Committee

• John Lubon - Site Selection Committee

June 1, 2020

May 20, 2020

Covid-19 Response Plan for 2020 Sports Class Nationals

The SCOH Contest Planning Committee, which includes Ken Sorenson as CD, Michelle Sorenson as CM,

Tony Smolder as scorer, and Randy Hollenberg, all highly experienced in competition management, has developed a plan which addresses the concerns of pilots, crews, volunteers and the SSA Contest Committee and has been based upon the successful procedures followed, and experienced, at the Seniors Championships.

This response plan will be updated to reflect changing conditions and/or governmental guidance and requirements.

Given that:

 The contest will be held in a rural setting, in a county of 518 square miles, and a population of 55,246. Waller County is 40+ miles from Houston and has never been a “hot spot.”

 As of May 20, Waller County has had just 44 cases, one hospitalization, and no deaths.

Currently, there are 8 patients recovering at home.

 The sponsoring organization, SCOH, is located in Waller County and governed by a

Commissioners Court headed by Judge Trey Duhon and that his directives (based upon those of the Governor of Texas) as to proper social distancing, the wearing of masks, and hygiene in “public settings” will be followed.

 As of this writing, Texas is in Phase 1, as outlined below with some requirements relaxed on May 15th and May 22nd. On May 18th Governor Abbott announced the re-openings which will take effect May 31, 2020, Phase 2.

 The Contest is limited to 36 gliders.

We will ensure that:

 The club house will be fogged, prior to the contest, with Razor Antimicrobial Coating, a hospital grade residual which inhibits the growth of microbes for up to three months. One volunteer will be assigned each day to oversee continually sanitizing of the bathrooms, door knobs, kitchen surfaces, etc. Supplies of wipes and surface cleaning products will be available to all. The clubhouse door will be converted so as to open/close with a shoulder push or foot pull.

 Occupancy of the clubhouse will be limited to ensure proper social distancing.

 Only contest participants and SCOH club members will be permitted on the field.

 All contest personnel, pilots, crews and volunteers will be required to wear identifying badges at all times while on the field.

 No volunteers, pilots or crews will be allowed to participate who have knowingly been exposed to an active case of Covid 19 within the past two weeks. Health questionnaires will be emailed to all pilots, crews and volunteers to complete prior to arrival. All entrants will be required to bring face coverings.

Posted: 6/1/2020 By: General News

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