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FAA releases SFAR on currency extensions

On May 4, 2020 the FAA issued a SFAR offering relief for some pilot operations, but it included significant restrictions on some operations, specifically the Flight Review (61.56) exemption DOES NOT APPLY to pilots conducting pleasure flights.  The PIC of any and all glider flights MUST have a current Flight Review.  If your Flight Review expired while your club or commercial operator was shutdown, you must schedule a review with your favorite instructor or look at the alternate means of compliance (WINGS Phase, new rating or certificate) as specified in 61.56 before you can act as PIC of a glider.

The text of the SFAR is available here:


The FAA has also published a summary of some of the requirements which need to be met to qualify for the extension.  That summary and additional information is available at this link (and below):


Some of the requirements are:

  • Current to act as PIC in March of 2020
  • Flight review due March through June of 2020
  • Pilots in any operation that requires at least a commercial pilot certificate
  • Or, operations requiring private pilot certificates who have:
    • 500 hours total time
    • 400 hours as PIC
    • 50 hours last 12 calendar months
    • Doing these types of operations:
      • Incidental to business or employment
      • In support of family medical needs or to transport essential goods for personal use
      • Necessary to fly an aircraft to a location in order to meet a requirement of this chapter
      • A flight to transport essential goods and/or medical supplies to support public health needs
    • Persons onboard must be essential to the flight

You get the idea. However, be sure to read the full SFAR before you use it to exercise an extension of your flight review. Make sure that you, and the operation you will be flying, meet the requirements of the SFAR.

Posted: 5/3/2020 By: Government Liaison Committee

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