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News from SSA at Oshkosh

We are very busy here at Oshkosh AirVenture® 2006! The sailplanes are attracting people in a steady stream, which has kept all the volunteers busy full time (even before and after the exhibit hours). The interests range from teenagers who've tasted soaring in a youth program, to pilots seeking additional ratings or transitioning from power for various reasons, through people who took a glider ride 15 years ago and have always wanted to do more of it. And even for people only vaguely familiar with the concept, our ships have drawn them over like flies to take a good look - about half for the motorgliders and half go by that directly to the Sparrowhawk. We had visitors from nearly every state (including Alaska and Hawaii), and from at least ten other countries, including many Canadians who are or were SSA members. The varied experience of our volunteers and our wide range of brochures and literature has so far been able to satisfy all questions. The fastest going items are the regional guides to where to fly and Soaring magazines. Today starts the really busy period here at AirVenture, and more volunteers arrive today and we expect to really start working now!

Anne & Ian

Posted: 7/28/2006 By: General News

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