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Soaring at Oshkosh Update

Come visit the SSA exhibit at the Oshkosh AirVenture® July 24th-30st Since EAA provided us a larger than expected space (at no extra charge!), we will now be displaying three sailplanes instead of the two originally planned.

Three privately owned ships including a Ximango (Rod & Kirk Chambers), a Sparrowhawk (Bill Thar), and a Grob G103 Twin III SL (Steve Dee) will be exhibited. We are very grateful to these owners for providing us the ability to show the aviation world both the beauty and the flexibility of soaring aircraft. We also thank those owners who very generously offered their ships, but due to space and/or schedule constraints are not included in this year’s display. Perhaps next year?

The media portion of the exhibit will include actual and/or simulated demonstrations of the SSA website and DVDs of soaring “in action”, as well as printed material explaining What is Soaring?, Where to Fly, FAST, and many other informational handouts. Those individuals, clubs and businesses who have generously sponsored the display will also have promotional material for distribution. We hope this will generate considerable new business for everyone.

Other activities include the raffle of an SSA donated bomber jacket, a gathering of available soaring pilots at Culver’s at 7 p.m. on Sunday July 23rd 2006, and possibly a ‘Chicken and Fish Fry” later in the week. Please email Anne Mongiovi for further details. (amongiovi@charter.net)

Posted: 7/17/2006 By: General News

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