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SSA-OLC Reaches 100 Claim Day Milestone!

The SSA-OLC reached a new milestone of 100 valid flight claims for a single day on July 1, 2006. Participation in the SSA-OLC has been growing steadily, and this is further evidence of the increasing popularity of decentralized soaring competition in the US. It also shows that the validation process is not a serious obstacle to participation, despite some difficulties earlier in the season.

The SSA-OLC Committee continues to monitor the situation with validation failures in the US, and is being pro-active in addressing them. We have also added helpful notes to the English OLC web pages identifying common problems with OLC claims, and explaining how to correct them. Most of the validation problems now are related to known issues, with either defective or unapproved hardware, or improper procedures for filing the claim. The overwhelming majority of participants continue to get flight claims scored with validation.

The SSA-OLC is the US national division of the aerocourier Online Contest (OLC). Pilots make flight claims by uploading the data file from a secure GPS logger that documents the flight performance. Additional info is entered by the pilot in a web form to document the flight claim. The claim is verified and scored automatically by computer in near real time. The pilot's score is then immediately added to regional, national, continental, and international scoring, available for viewing in real time. You can access the SSA-OLC at: http://www.ssa.org/members/contestreports/OLC.htm

If you are a glider pilot in the US and would like to know how to participate in the SSA-OLC, or if you need help with OLC problems you have had in the past, please contact the SSA-OLC committee by email: olc ssa org (convert the symbols to get a standard email address). If you are already an OLC competitor, please encourage others to participate where you fly. Hopefully, with your help, we will surpass 200 claims in the US on a day in the near future.

Doug Haluza
SSA-OLC Administrator

Posted: 7/12/2006 By: OLC Committee

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