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OLC Update

Lots of great stuff happening on the OLC, including the SSA-OLC in the US. We have had over 600,000 km claimed so far, and the soaring season is just beginning in most of the US!. Sixteen pilots have already posted flights over 1000km.

The Ridge Soaring Irregulars in PA and Aero Club Albatross in NJ took the early lead because the ridge season is best early in the OLC year, but Albuquerque Soaring in NM is quickly catching up.

The OLC league is in it's 5th round, with 55 US clubs scoring so far in the SSA-OLC League. FAI is sponsoring the IGC-OLC World League, and Albuquerque Soaring and Black Forest Soaring are the top two clubs in the world!

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IGC-OLC World League:

It's easy to participate, all you need is a flight recorder compatible with the OLC. All IGC approved recorders are compatible for all claims, and many non approved recorders are suitable for the OLC Classic. If you have trouble processing your claims, US pilots can send an email to olc@ssa.org for help (or help@onlinecontest.org for all other countries).

Posted: 5/30/2006 By: OLC Committee

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