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TSA Wakes Up, Blinks

Early in May, a Northern California soaring operation received a letter in the mail from the Transportation Security Administration office in San Jose. The glider school was reminded that they might be inspected at any time for compliance with security awareness training and student record keeping. TSA nicely provided a list of references for rules that flight schools must follow. TSA indicated that they received the list of flight training providers from the FAA.

Apparently, TSA did not refer to the exemption, which applies to GLIDER flight training that was secured by SSA in October of 2004, and benefits all glider flight instructors and glider students. This exemption saves glider instructors time and expense annually.

Any glider instructor or school or club may be contacted by the TSA, either in person, or by mail. An appropriate response to that contact can be found at http://www.ssa.org/test/docs/gliderexemption.pdf explaining that the TSA themselves have exempted glider training from these requirements. If a member does have an interaction with TSA, please inform SSA as to the tone and substance of the conversation. We are interested in helping ease and educate both sides of the contact.

Club newsletters are welcomed to reproduce this link information, or post the printed exemption on your bulletin boards.

-- Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 5/18/2006 By: Government Liaison Committee

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