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Hobbs Maintenance Initiative

"We are enjoying a classic contest in Hobbs through the work of the SSA, the local clubs and volunteers. The ramp at Hobbs is an enormous 90 acres of concrete. The associated runways make for a spectacular facility. But the industrial airport is aging and needs our help. Grass, trees and dirt are starting to overrun the airport. Two years ago the informal Hobbs Maintenance Fund was created to help fund needed maintenance.  Local rancher and soaring club member Dale Briscoe has spent countless hours knocking back the grass on the ramp. A long term plan is needed to preserve this irreplaceable resource. An informal organization is coming together to develop better connections with the City and other stake holders with the goal to make the maintenance of Hobbs Industrial Airport a priority.  Watch this space for future developments. Questions? Contact John Seaborn after the contest."

Hobbs ramp 2017

Photo #15586 | Hobbs ramp 2017

Hobbs ramp before/after

Photo #15588 | Hobbs ramp 2019 befo

Hobbs ramp 2019

Photo #15587 | Hobbs ramp 2019


Posted: 6/25/2019 By: General News

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