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AD Issued on ECI Cylinders, 2005- 26-10; Engine c

This AD includes all Lycoming engines models 320, 360 and 540 series, parallel valve reciprocating engines with ECI “Classic Cast” cylinders, Part number AEL65102, serial numbers 1 through 9879. These cylinders need replacement by 800 hours TIS to prevent in flight failure. Operators are allowed 60 hours in service after the AD effective date, if their cylinders are already in excess of 800 hours.

Engines effected could be in Pawnees, Maules, Cubs and other towplanes.

This airworthiness directive (AD) becomes effective January 31, 2006

For review of the complete text, enter the AD number here.

Cindy Brickner
Govt. Liaison Committee
December 27, 2005

Posted: 12/27/2005 By: Government Liaison Committee

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