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CFIG Wannabe?

Introduction Why Become A CFIG?

What is the benefit to me personally?

What is the benefit to my gliding organization?

  1. FAR's - your PIC time and your instructor's PIC/Instructor time;

  2. FOI test - What's on the fundamentals of instruction written test;

  3. CFIG knowledge test - What's on the CFIG written test;

  4. CFIG practical test - what the DPE or FAA examiner is looking for;

  5. Lesson plans - How to prepare a useable lesson plan;

  6. Common problems - what are the common problems facing the new CFIG; and

  7. CFIG support services

  8. Liability issues.

Why become a CFIG? What are the benefits to me if I do so?

  • You will learn a great deal about the art of flying. All maneuvers and procedures that you know how to do now, you will learn to do better. And all of the procedures that you currently don't know how to do ... you will learn how to do those also!

  • You will become genuinely expert (due to frequent practice!) at emergency procedures.

  • You will get to fly - a lot! You will enjoy flying on days when the weather is less than optimum for soaring, and find that there are all sorts of bits of weather lore that only CFIGs who fly very frequently get the chance to learn. This will improve your personal flying as well.

  • You will get to fly early morning flights before the lift develops, and late afternoon and evening flights after the lift has died and the atmosphere has taken on a cloak of smoothness and tranquility. Many a CFIG will tell you that these are often the most beautiful and memorable flights of the day.

  • You will learn a great deal about practical psychology. When a student comes to learn flying from you, you will really get to know that person. You will learn how he handles stress, fear, disappointment, victory, multi-tasking, self-discipline, and a host of other fascinating bits and pieces of what makes that person tick. As a result, you will almost certainly become close friends with the candidates that you train. Many of these friendships will last the rest of your life.

  • You will be able to speak with authority about how your Club flight operations and ground training operations should be conducted.

  • You will enjoy giving the gift of flight to others, and watching it grow, just as it has done for you. You get to pass the joy along to others.

  • You will be in the rotation to give glider rides to newcomers. Don't underestimate the value of this to your own growth and development - it is a real privilege to strap a newcomer into the glider and make their first flight with them. They are, after all, making a lifetime dream come true, and you get to be there when it happens! Great fun.

  • You will have the opportunity to intervene before accidents happen, rather than waiting for the accident to happen and then saying "Well, we all knew he was just an accident waiting to happen, but because none of us are CFIGs, we didn't say or do anything, really, to help him fly better..."

  • You will deal with other CFIGs as a peer. This is a pleasure - you can compare notes with the other CFIGs and work together to improve the quality of ground operations and flight operations at your gliderport.

  • You will get the opportunity to become expert in recurrent training for the glider pilots who come to you for seasonal checkouts, Flight Reviews, and so on.

  • You will solo some folks, and make their longtime dream of flight come true. With time, you will get the opportunity to provide advanced training, such as Commercial candidate training and CFIG candidate training. - Soaring, and the SSA, cannot grow without a corps of dedicated CFIGs. Join the ranks!

For more information, visit the Soaring Safety Foundation website: www.soaringsafety.org

Posted: 1/24/2006 By: Soaring Safety Foundation

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