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San Luis Obispo Airport Day

Club tries to spark local intrest in soaring by having a glider on hand at the San Luis Obispo Airport Day. They answered questions and handed out flyers to those in attendance. For more pictures and information visit www.soaravenal.com.

CCSA member Frank Owen writes...

Joe, Jonathan, and Bruce were all there with Bruce’s HP-18. We got lots and lots of publicity. The turnout for the event was larger than anyone expected. Some pretty nice planes there. But Bruce’s glider held its own. It had a constant stream of traffic from 9 until a little after 3. Kids, adults, and old folks all came by to see the glider, and all three CCSCers were busy most of the time explaining soaring and Avenal to the stream of people. Bruce let lots of kids sit in the glider and work the controls. I think we did a good job of making our presence known to the aviation community here in San Luis.

Thanks to CCSA for helping to promote the sport of Soaring! Ed

Posted: 10/6/2005 By: General News

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