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Changes in Sporting Code

Changes in Sporting Code — Rollin Hasness, Badge Dude
            This is a summary of major changes — please review the manual for other changes contained in Chapters 3 & 4. Several documents on the SSA website need to be updated, so please review this newest code before your flight. I will update documentation as soon as possible. Download your full copy of Sporting Code Section 3 at https://www.fai.org/igc-documents

            DECLARATION 1.1.3 The pre-flight recording of pilot name(s), glider type and its unique identification, and any WAY POINT coordinates required by a given SOARING PERFORMANCE.

            WAY POINT 1.2.2 A point specified by a set of coordinates. A WAY POINT may be a START POINT, TURN POINT, or FINISH POINT.

            OZ CORRECTION 1.3.6 For each TURN POINT achieved only using the CYLINDER OZ, the OFFICIAL DISTANCE shall be decreased by 1 kilometer.

            OFFICIAL DISTANCE 1.3.7 The COURSE distance, less any OZ CORRECTION and/or LOSS OF HEIGHT correction. Distances are measured according to the WGS84 ellipsoid.

CHAPTER 2 – Badge and Badge Procedures
            Regardless of the number of flight recorders and/or position recorders carried in the glider, only those selected by the pilot before take-off and inspected (i.e. controlled) by an OO shall be used for flight claim evidence. All further references to FRs or PRs in Chapter 2 and 4 for badge claims apply to those so controlled.
            a. SILVER DISTANCE A straight distance flight from a start at release to a finish fix located at least 50 km from release and at least 50 km from the fix recorded at the beginning of the take-off roll.
            Silver distance and any longer declared task may both be claimed for the same flight, see SC3C-2.2. The Silver distance should not be flown with guidance from another pilot.

            All badge claims recorded by FR or PR require a declaration per 1.1.3. For any distance claim other than Straight Distance from release, the declaration shall also include a list of way point coordinates. The declaration must be identical in every FR and/or PR used, with the exception stated in 2.3b.
            a. A written or internet declaration is mandatory for PR-recorded flights and is an option for any Silver or Gold flight. This type of declaration supersedes any earlier FR or PR declaration. Along with the content specified in 1.1.3, it must include the pilot and OO signatures, the date and time of signing, and the FRs or PRs used. A hard copy of all written or internet declarations made for a given flight shall be submitted with claim material.
            b. If the data file for a Silver or Gold flight recorded by any FR or PR omits or has the incorrect pilot name and/or glider type and unique identification, the OO correction certificate in 4.4.2c shall be submitted with claim materials.
            c. Diamond Goal, Diamond Distance and Diploma Distance require an FR-generated declaration and if multiple FRs are used, the declaration in each FR must be identical for a claim to be valid.

            a. For Altitude Gain, Silver/Gold Duration, and Silver/Gold Distance claims, one .igc file from an approved device may be selected for analysis, supplemented by the file from another device if substantial recording gaps are found. If both FR and PR were used for a flight, the FR files should be used for analysis first.
            b. If a declaration was required, the original of any written declaration and copy of any internet declaration made for the flight shall be attached to the claim.
            c. For Diamond Goal, Diamond Distance, and Diploma claims, the .igc files from every FR used shall be submitted.

            Regardless of the number of FRs carried in the glider, only those selected by the pilot before takeoff and inspected (i.e. controlled) by an OO shall be used for flight claim evidence in Chapter 3 and 4. All further references to FRs in this chapter for record claims apply to those so controlled.

            Record flights require a declaration recorded in a FR per 1.1.3, and any error in the declaration will invalidate the claim. A multiplace glider declaration shall include the name of the co-pilot. When multiple FRs are used, the declarations in each must be identical for a claim to be valid.

            SC3C-2.6 has general notes on declarations and 6.4 on the declaration format as it appears in an .igc file. Consult the FR user manual for the method an FR uses to record the declaration date and time.

-Rollin Hasness, Badge Dude

Posted: 12/5/2018 By: General News

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