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FAA Proposes Changes to Fundraising and Charity Flights

The NPRM, published this week, would likely shrink the pool of pilots able to help local charities with fundraising flights and, by the FAA's own admission, drive hundreds of small sightseeing operations out of business. The proposal would raise the minimum number of hours required for pilots conducting charity fundraising flights from 200 to 500, and remove an exemption that allows FAR Part 91 sightseeing flights within 25 nautical miles of an airport. Operators currently conducting flights under this exception would then be subject to the operational requirements of Part 135.

The FAA states that the change is for safety reasons, but they provide no safety data or statistics to justify the proposal.

The SSA's Government Liaison Committee is studying the proposal and will provide SSA's comments to the proposed rules.


Posted: 10/24/2003 By: Government Liaison Committee

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