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SSA has made considerable written and verbal input to the initial proposal for the Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) rule and it is hoped that the final rule will encompass the requests of SSA and its members. Pilot certification regulations are ready to go and Practical Test Standards and written test questions are completed. This information will be published when the final regulation is released.

Design and quality standards for new Light Sport Aircraft "Gliders" are being developed by SSA and interested industry committee members within the framework of the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials). ASTM will be the holder of the standards when developed, unlike the current FAA regulations that are controlled by FAA. SSA's Jim Short attended an LSA meeting at Oshkosh that provided an update on the various portions of the Light Sport Aircraft development. Members wanting to know more or to help on the standards development within SSA should contact Jim for more information and thoughts on how to help. Other SSA'ers involved in the standards effort include Gene Hammond (subcommittee Secretary) and Dan Armstrong.

SSA promotes soaring at a number of venues annually including Oshkosh, Sun'N'Fun, and numerous local or regional functions.

Jim Short
August 3, 2003


Posted: 8/5/2003 By: Light Sport Aircraft Task Force

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