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The 15-Meter Nationals - What a Contest!

Here in Hobbs the ramp is empty. The air is silent. The 15-Meter Nationals concluded yesterday, July 24th on the only non-flying day of the 10 day contest.

It was a hotly contested race with the possibility of any of the top 5 contenders winning on the last day - the day of no flying. Consistency was the key to winning for Timo Kiiha.

#2 -Rick Walters

#3 -John Seaborn

#4 -Dick Butler

#5 -Liz Schwenkler

#6 -Peter Masak

#7 -Tim Welles

#8 -Ray Gimmey

#9 -Chris Saunders

#10 -David Martin

A great, fun, safe contest by all. Y'all come back!

Posted: 7/25/2003 By: General News

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