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Grob 103 Service Information

Last summer, a revision to Grob 103 ADs was published as AD 2004-08-13. This particular AD referenced two Grob service bulletins and a prior FAA AD and an LBA AD. Since most Grob 103s have now come full cycle on annuals, maybe all owners have been advised by their maintenance provider of this particular AD.

The AD addresses changing out some brackets around the rear tow hook mechanism for a heavier duty bracket. They are not very pricey at about $70 plus shipping from Grob, Ohio.

The real scoop is that the factory and the FAA got a bit confused in trying to collate all the serials numbers affected. This information should apply to ALL Grob 103s, from plain or Acro 103s , to Twin Astirs to Twin III SLs. Anyone with questions, or wishing to get ahead on this minor maintenance requirement should contact Mike Shade, Bluffton, Ohio at mshade@grobsystems.com or (419) 358-9015.

C. Brickner
Govt.Liaison Committee

Posted: 6/24/2005 By: Government Liaison Committee

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