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NH Airports In Danger!

SSA member Barry Borella reports that New Hampshire Department of Transportation- Division of Aeronautics director Jack Ferns has done a study of the ten privately owned/public use airports in that state and found that the owners of five of them are planning to sell the properties within the next 2 years!

This means that a vital part of the New Hampshire aviation infrastructure, five precious airports, could be sold to developers and will be lost forever. Once houses are built, the properties will never ever be returned to aviation use.

The study has been turned into a report and submitted to the State of New Hampshire's Governor and Executive Council. The report is very constructive and well written, and outlines suggested actions to be taken by state leaders to preserve these endangered airports. However, it is uncertain if these leaders, who are under political pressure from competing interests, will be acting in the interest of general aviation.

Mr. Ferns will be giving a talk entitled "NH Airports in Danger!" in Concord, NH at 7 PM this coming Wednesday June 15th. Perhaps some SSA members would be interested in attending. Information is available at www.aanh.org

Posted: 6/13/2005 By: General News

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