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SSA Veteran Departs

18-Year SSA Staff Veteran Larry Sanderson Resigns

Larry Sanderson has tendered his resignation as President of the SSA effective February 7, 2003 to seek other personal opportunities. The Board of Directors accepted his resignation, allowing for a period until May 1, 2003 during which Larry has agreed to remain available for consultation and transition assistance.

In his resignation letter Larry stated that after nearly 19 personally rewarding years, "it is now time for me to move on from the SSA in a manner that allows for a continuation of critical projects at a time when we can not afford to lose steps and also allows for a reasonable transition to new leadership."

During Larry's tenure the SSA faced some of its strongest challenges including the move of the SSA offices from Santa Monica, CA to Hobbs, NM after extensive bidding from competing sites nationally. Following the move and a restructuring of the office functions to a smaller staff, he worked with the Board to rebuild the SSA funds that had suffered in the years prior to the move. During the 1980's and 1990's he led the SSA into greater positions of respect and understanding within the US government and the international soaring community, particularly the Federal Aviation Administration and the International Gliding Commission of the FAI. The SSA, during this time, prevailed for the soaring community on a number of issues including: drug and alcohol testing regulations, Class B and Class C airspace restrictions, the experimental sailplane moratorium and the more recent security restrictions since September 11, 2001. Many significant soaring promotions occurred during in his tenure including the Hitachi Masters of Soaring, the recent Leading Edge television promotion and the Sporty's merchandise and pilot introduction programs.

Executive Director and Director of Member Relations and Services
Candidates Sought

An SSA Search and Selection Committee has been formed under the guidance of First Vice Chair (and Region 8 Director) Steve Northcraft to search for and select qualified candidates for the two positions of Executive Director and Director of Member Relations and Services. These are full-time positions, located in Hobbs, NM that are available to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Larry Sanderson, and also to fill the position vacated by Nancy Graham last fall. A call for resumes from qualified candidates will go out shortly but resumes and informational requests from interested individuals are accepted at any time.

Members and others seeking more information, including job outlines and brief descriptions should contact the Search and Selection Committee spokesperson (and Region 11 Director) Karol Hines by e-mail at Karoll@sbcglobal.net. (Note the related December 18 news item on this SSA web page.

Alan Gleason Promoted to
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Alan Gleason has been promoted from Controller to the position of Chief Financial and Administrative Officer at SSA's Hobbs headquarters. He will be the primary staff executive for the SSA during the interim period before the appointment of a new Executive Director and he will retain the chief financial and administrative roles after the appointment of a new Executive Director. Alan, who joined the SSA in Spring 2002 is a financial and administrative veteran who has brought to the SSA a wealth of experience and who is well suited for his new role. Alan may be reached daily at SSA headquarters - 505-392-1177.

Posted: 2/18/2003 By: General News

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