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Camp David P-40 Airspace Agreement Nearing Completion

On Monday (Feb. 3rd) Collins received correspondence from the FAA indicating initial agreement on the operating plan that had been discussed in recent meetings between M-ASA/SSA and the agencies. Concerning the proposed agreement Collins said, "Obviously we need to finalize the details but this is a very positive step forward. We very much appreciate the positive cooperation of the FAA and Secret Service in working out this preliminary agreement." Collins and Sanderson had met in an extended meeting with the Secret Service and the FAA in the week prior to the SSA Convention in Dayton. Sanderson said, "The agents from the Secret Service were very aware of our problems and willing to do their best to work out solutions that would help M-ASA fly even when the TFR is operational. Of course, these folks have a terribly hard job and the current threat environment is such that they have to be very careful. The draft operating agreement is a testimonial to the willingness of our government professionals to seek solutions that meet the needs of all constituencies." Full details of the agreement and M-ASA/SSA brokered solutions will be published when they are available.

Posted: 2/4/2003 By: General News

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