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Special Convention Event - Hans Werner Grosse and the World's Largest Glider

SPECIAL CONVENTION ANNOUNCEMENT: Jan. 13th On Saturday, January 25th Hans Werner Grosse will be making a special presentation at the Convention discussing development of the "eta", the world's largest glider. The eta glider boasts a wing span of over 100 feet, is a double-seater glider capable of self-launching. Grosse, a noted world record glider pilot and active developer of the project, has flown the glider and will present a first-hand report of the exciting developments associated with this breakthrough design. For more information on the eta go to the eta aircraft website at www.eta-aircraft.de. The presentation will be a special event scheduled at 12 noon on Saturday, January 25th in the Dayton Convention Center.

Posted: 1/13/2003 By: General News

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