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Win A Dream Vacation Flying with Karl Striedieck

Jan. 18: Only 7 days remaining to enter the U.S. Team Sweepstakes for 2003. First prize in the 2003 US Team Sweepstakes is a chance to fly in the Senior Nationals in Florida with Karl Striedieck in his new Duo Discus. Enter now to have a chance for this once-in-a-liftime opportunity. SSA members may enter using the form provided in the January 2003 issue of SOARING Magazine, by filling out entry forms at the SSA Convention in Dayton or by entering on-line at US Team Sweepstakes On-line. U.S. Team members depend on voluntary donations to support their activities in world competition. Don't miss this opportunity to support the team in 2003. To learn more about team activities and to follow the teams as they prepare for the '03 campaigns go to the US Team website.

Posted: 1/7/2003 By: General News

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