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SSA Working with TSA

SSA President Larry Sanderson recently met with staff of the new Transportation Security Administration in Washington, DC. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss TSA plans for future changes in general aviation security as well as introducing TSA professionals to specialized issues related to soaring operations. During the meeting Sanderson outlined a new, voluntary security program proposed by SSA for soaring operations in the U.S. The plan, created by SSA volunteers experienced in security and law enforcement, involves voluntary "airport watch" efforts, identifies how individuals might report suspicious activity and other important security information. Pamela Hamilton, Manager of the General Aviation Policy Division of TSA said that the plan is a good example of how industry groups can support the need for new security measures.

TSA Manager to Speak at SSA Convention

Following the meeting in Washington, Hamilton confirmed that she will be attending the SSA Annual Convention in Dayton for the purpose of addressing the SSA General Membership Meeting. During her remarks, Hamilton will describe the role of TSA, current and future issues confronting the new agency and likely outcomes GA and Sport aviation participants can expect in future months. She will also desribe the role organizations such as SSA will play in the process of developing new security rules.

SSA Security Program Available for Viewing

SSA members interested in reviewing the voluntary soaring security program, called SOAR, may download a copy from this link or go to the Government pages on the SSA Home Page.


Posted: 1/3/2003 By: General News

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