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2002 Annual Eagle Fund Drive Begins

2002 Annual Eagle Fund Drive and Report of the Trustees

The success of last year's annual fund drive is going to be hard to surpass! For those who may not be aware, last year's annual fund drive, which concluded in the early weeks of January was highly successful as it overachieved its goal of $70,000 by nearly $50,000. Last year's effort raised a total of $121,171 in support of the on-going work of the SSA. Over 700 SSA members committed to this annual fund drive effort.

In mid-April SSA issued a summary report on the 2001 Annual Eagle Fund Drive results along with an accompanying narrative detailing many of the accomplishments achieved as a result of the generosity of these 700 plus members. Given a choice of program location for their donation, overall support for advocacy was the majority choice of SSA donors. This was followed by support of the U.S. Team operations, programs in safety and programs for youth. Those dollars designated for a specific program area were used in support of that area. Donors told us where they wanted their donations used and that is where they were used.

Long term investments and program funds are managed by the SSA Foundation. The Foundation Trustees recently released a report of their activity that can be downloaded from this page


Posted: 10/22/2002 By: General News

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