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NAA Fees For Diamond Badges & 1000 Km Diplomas

Beginning four years ago the National Aeronautic Association imposed fees for registering with the FAI completed Diamond Badges and 1000 Km Diplomas. During this period the SSA has paid the fees on behalf of the pilots while arguing in vain against them. The Board of Directors of the SSA has determined (at their meeting in September 2001) that it would not be appropriate to continue to pay the fees for individual pilots from the general operating funds of the Society. Beginning with applications received after November 1, 2002, the SSA must pass the fee of $150 per registration of the completed badge or diploma on to the individual pilots who are making the applications. This policy is consistent with the fact that SSA passes NAA record fees on to the individual pilots. We regret the need to pass on this charge from the NAA and will continue to argue for reduction or elimination of the fees. In this regard, if you would like to register your views with NAA they may be e-mailed to: naa@naa-usa.org However, SSA continues to offer free processing of badge and diploma claims as part of the membership service of the Society.

Posted: 10/4/2002 By: General News

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