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Dick Schreder Passes Away - #1 is Gone

Dick was a true champion in all parts of his life. In Soaring he was a U.S. Team member, and 3 time National winner. He designed and built his own gliders and with them did amazing things. Through his sailplane kits he put high performance in the hands of pilots who were willing to do the work. Dick Schreder is the reason the whole World has a 15 Meter Class. I could list a dozen more accomplishments in Soaring that made him such an icon but it would not come close to telling you what kind of man he was. Dick was a straight arrow in life and in dealing with others. He was the man who had faith in me when the chips were down and my soaring life was on the line. Dick was on the SSA Board of Directors for many years and his contribution truly made a difference. From those early rival races between him and A.J. Smith to his last sailplane race at Ionia in 1996 Dick was the "man" when he drove on the airport. Dick had contest number "1" all those years and will always be number "1" to me. I am sorry he is gone and because of it the light of Soaring is a little dimmer today.

So Long Dick It Was Wonderful Knowing You!

See you at the airport,


PS If you want to send a message to Angie the best way is through her e-mail:


Posted: 8/3/2002 By: General News

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