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SSA Meets with FAA Administrator

Homeland security, the role of the new Transportation Security Administration and the future of the FAA were on the agenda as members of the General Aviation Action Coalition met with FAA Administrator Jane Garvey this week in Washington, DC. SSA President Larry Sanderson joined with the leaders of EAA, AOPA, GAMA and other member groups to discuss with Administrator Garvey creation of voluntary local security programs.

A key mission of the new Transportation Security Administration is to improve security of aviation in the United States. In this regard, leaders of the new agency are currently focused on developing operating rules for aircraft over 12,500 pounds and aircraft over 95,000 pounds. As those projects near completion the agency will turn its attention to rulemaking for light aircraft and smaller airports.

Member groups of the coalition are seeking to identify and implement voluntary security plans that can achieve increased security without the burden of new government regulations which might create unreasonable operating limitations. Sanderson distributed copies of SSA's Security Guidelines to show other groups what SSA has done so far. These guidelines, Sanderson reported, were developed in cooperation with security professionals from the FBI.

During the meeting Administrator Garvey discussed how FAA will work with TSA while not losing sight of FAA's many other missions to serve aviation. Garvey will be stepping down as Administrator later this summer when her term of appointment ends. She said that her successor has not yet been identified.

The August and September issues of SOARING Magazine will contain more detailed reporting of these issues.

Posted: 6/21/2002 By: General News

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