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L 23 Super Blanik Gliders - Global AMOC Issued - FAA AD 2010-15-05

Dear Stephen,

I’d appreciate your assistance in getting the word out on a global AMOC to AD 2010-15-05, paragraph (f)(2), on the Aircraft Industries a.s. Model L 23 Super Blanik gliders.  The AMOC allows the use of an alternate inspection method (eddy current) for the repetitive inspections called for in paragraph (f)(2).   The requester, Ms. Laurie Marshall, has given her permission for this letter to be posted online for the benefit of all operators.  It’s already been posted to the www.regulations.gov website.  I appreciate your  help to get this information out to the L 23 glider community through the normal SSA channels.     

Thanks and Best Regards,

Jim Rutherford

Aerospace Engineer

Federal Aviation Administration

901 Locust Room 301, ACE-112

Kansas City, MO  64106

Office: 816-329-4165

Email: jim.rutherford@faa.gov

Posted: 6/30/2015 By: Government Liaison Committee

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