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AMOC to Grob AD-2012-10-11

From the FAA on AD-2012-10-11:

I would like your assistance in getting the word out on a global AMOC to AD 2012-10-11, paragraphs (f)(1)(i), (f)(1)(iii), and (f)(2), on the Grob G 109 and G 109B gliders.  The AMOC allows the use of a later version (Rev 1) of the referenced service information: Grob Aircraft S/B No. MSB817-58/1, dated February 17, 2015.  The requester, Mr. Christian Klix, has given his permission for this letter to be posted online for the benefit of all operators.

A copy of the FAA letter describing the AMOC is here.

A copy of the Grob SB is here.

Posted: 4/15/2015 By: Government Liaison Committee

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