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NSM Dedicates Its 12th Landmark Of Soaring

In an editorial, Lewin B. Barringer wrote in SOARING in 1938. It has long been our belief that every outstanding soaring flight, which the pilot has carefully recorded in a detailed log, can be a real scientific contribution. Not infrequently, a pilot discovers certain interesting phenomena of thermal lift, cloud formation, or temperature inversion, that may be of value to the Weather Bureau or the airline meteorologists.

Ten years later, pilots like Larry Edgar, Bill Ivans, Wolfgang Klemperer. Harold Klieforth, Joachim Kuettner, Betty Loufek, Paul MacCready, Ray Parker, John Robinson, Harland Ross, Bob Symons, and Betsy Woodward (just to mention of few) experienced the flight conditions over the Owens Valley, near Bishop. New altitude records were set every year, some of them have still not yet been broken!

In the early 1950s, to use the words of the plaque: fifty years ago, the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada was the site of intense atmospheric research to explore the cause and dynamics of the newly appreciated and powerful mountain wave phenomenon known locally as the Sierra Wave.

In this scientific research, sailplanes such as the World War II Pratt-Read and Schweizer TG-3 aircraft were used as scientist-guided atmospheric probes. These were strong aircraft, made even stronger for these assignments. The scientific results of the systematic exploration of the clear air turbulence were passed on to the military and the airline industry, making the skies safer for general and commercial aviation.

The Landmark Dedication Ceremony will begin at 13:00. Signs will be posted to guide visitors from the major thoroughfare (highway 395) to the airport, about 3 miles east of town. Sylvia Colton, Chair of the local implementation committee will be the Master of Ceremonies. A glider mail flight will be part of the dedication ceremony, with the United States Postal Service participating.
In the afternoon, there will be plenty of time to look at pictures of the soaring days long gone, or to share photos you care to bring along. There will be the opportunity to make new friends and get re-acquainted with old ones.
In the evening a reservations only dinner / buffet will be held. As of this writing, the dinner is fully subscribed.

Posted: 4/15/2002 By: General News

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