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SSA Continues Review of Sport Pilot Proposal

In a few days the third U.S. Soaring Team E-News will be sent out. If your interested in what the US team is up to please subscribe by going to the SSA US Team Web www.ssa.org/usteam and clicking on E-News or better yet the link below takes you direct. These newsletters include all the latest U.S. Soaring Team news along with important team web links. For example Bulletin 3 includes new team members selected in the Standard and 15-Meter Classes, the Polish Pre-Worlds, the Tonopah fundraising success and the Club Class in Germany to mention a few topics. 

"In our initial review of the proposed Sport Pilot rule we find nothing posing a negative impact on soaring. We understand that the rule is intended to bridge light and ultralight aircraft with currently certificated equipment and that the pilot rules are meant to be a reasonable stepping stone for pilots to move from very light aircraft to heavier, more complex aircraft. However, the complexity of the rule language is such that it requires careful study and discussion in order to develop an understanding of potential ramifications that may be unintended consequences of this well intended effort. SSA generally supports the rule and supports the positions of other sport aviation groups in this process. To this end SSA recently participated in industy panel discussions with FAA representatives. SSA will develop specific comments to the proposal in time for submission to the appropriate Federal docket."

Larry Sanderson
SSA President


Posted: 2/18/2002 By: General News

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