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Hoffman Prop AD 2005-13-01, revises inspections

The FAA is superseding an existing AD for Hoffmann Propeller GmbH & Co KG Models HO-V343 and HO-V343K propellers. These propellors are used on some motorgliders in the US. The prior AD currently requires initial and repetitive visual inspections of propeller blades for blade shake and blade nut preload. That AD also requires initial and repetitive eddy current inspections of blade hubs for damage and cracks. This AD requires an ultrasonic inspection of the propeller hub and an eddy current inspection of the propeller hub if any cracks are discovered during ultrasonic inspection. Additionally, this AD requires sending a hub inspection report to the manufacturer. This AD also requires replacement of the propeller if any signs of blade shake, cracks, or other damage to the propeller hub outside serviceable limits are detected during the inspections. This AD results from the discovery of a propeller blade separation due to a possible hub failure. Some inspections are required prior to any further flights. Effective July 7, 2005. The AD is 2005-13-01 and full text can be viewed at here

Cindy Brickner, Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 6/23/2005 By: Government Liaison Committee

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