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SSA Welcomes 6 New SSA State Governors

The SSA has been fortunate to add 6 new names to our roster of SSA State Governors. Janice Armstrong and Larry Tuohino are co-Governors for Southern California and Bill Menkevich is the new Governor of Minnesota. Don Kliethermes of Missouri, Thomas Pressley of West Texas and Eduardo Iglesias of East Texas have also taken on the duties of Governor.

These people will be working to promote soaring in their states. They are also responsible for State Records and may appoint another person to serve as the State Record Keeper. If you are an SSA member in their state do not be surprised if you hear from them before too long. Without volunteers such as these, the SSA could not continue the many programs it does. Be sure you say "Thanks" when you see them at the gliderport.

Are you interested in being an SSA State Governor? There are vacancies in Illinois, Maine, North and South Dakota, New York South, Rhode Island and Washington. For more information about becoming a State Governor contact the SSA at info@ssa.org.

Posted: 1/21/2002 By: General News

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