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Wednesday - Sept. 19th Update

Still no VFR general aviation flying. AOPA has submitted a specific proposal to the security folks and FAA. The plan would call for resumption of some level of VFR activity. The problem is that partial resumption of activity most likely involves use of transonders. As of this morning in a conversation with FAA officials the problem rests with security risks. The intelligence community does have continued evidence of credible threats, which of course they are not disclosing, and they are extremely reluctant to have any aircraft operating without being able to "paint" the airplane on radar. We do believe that there is a shift in the ban coming soon but that it may not be in favor of glider operations yet. SSA is working with FAA officials as well as other air sport groups to make sure that our issues are understood.

Posted: 9/19/2001 By: General News

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