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Saturday Update from SSA - September 15th

Friday afternoon, IFR flights under part 91 were approved in some locations. Then Secretary of Transportation Normal Mineta stated that he was "hopeful that remaining GA flights [under VFR] can resume later this weekend". As of 11 AM Eastern Saturday, however, there has been no visible movement to implement VFR flight. We anticipate that glider flying within the US will be implemented in a phased manner along with the remaining VFR part 91 operations. The information in the NOTAM on this page remains current.

SSA is monitoring events throughout weekend and will keep its members informed via this SSA.ORG home page.

Many Americans are inconvenienced by the prohibition on VFR flying and many Americans including soaring operations are economically hurt. Nevertheless national security remains the issue and high powers within our government are still assuming responsibility for all of our security. In this time of peril FAA has been our strong supporter. FAA is opening airspace and certifying airports as fast as it can. We have to understand that our friends within the FAA are doing all they can. They are controlled by national priorities (airline safety first) and by higher powers in the military and other security agencies. As SSA members, let's join with FAA in working together to get Part 91 including gliders and sailplanes back in the air as soon as it is secure and reasonable. Our bretheren in the USHGA and USUA relate that they are standing down along with us and the rest of civil aviation.

SSA is working to get us flying as soon as practical and safe, and we hope to be among the first to report the good news when it comes.

Jim Short
Government Liaison Chair

Posted: 9/15/2001 By: General News

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