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Charlotte Board Mtg Actions 10-20-2012

   Directors convened in Region 5 to address the ongoing business of SSA. Travel weather in and out was pleasant, and discussions passed quickly and congenially. Thirteen directors were present, absent were Hankes,  Lubon, Greenfield and Compton.

 Primary points of action were:

   New officers were elected for 2012.  Richard Maleady will serve as Chair. First Vice Chair will be Gerry Molidor. Frank Whiteley and David Pixton will continue as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.  The balance of the Executive Committee is Vice Chairs David Pixton and Ken Sorenson.    Directors at Large for 2013 will be Howard Banks, Richard Maleady, David Pixton, Renard Rozzoni, Ken Sorenson, Peter Smith.  The Board thanked retiring Directors Black-Nixon and Compton for their service.

   Treasurer Pixton reports our ongoing solvency and stability with small increases in membership. Audit report for 2011 was delivered, and contract for the 2012 audit will be let to Johnson & Miller.  Noted were the increased commitments to Growth & Promotions Committee efforts, Let's Go Gliding, web page integrations between SSA and SSF, pledge to a scientific project, impacts of a potential new membership category, and potential outsourcing of  the merchandising function through a licensing program. The final 2013 budget will be approved at the Winter 2013 meeting on February 23, location yet to be determined.

   The SSA Foundation reported positive values from our investments, and adopted a revision to the investment policy to reflect updated legislation changes. Pete Brown and Phil Umphres were elected to continuing Trustee positions.

   In Contest interests, the 2013 sites were approved as presented; the carryover of excess sanction fees above costs will be recorded as a footnote on SSA's financial reports for member transparency; the polling process and Rules committee will meet in November; the US Team Committee Chairmanship has been transferred to Rick Walters.  Sean Franke joins the Club Class Committee.  The WGC2012 will close as a financial benefit to SSA after last expenses disburse in November. 

   SSA is seeking to strengthen the link with the Civil Air Patrol, and work will continue on creation of a membership category for cadets.   Youth activity at KidVenture in Oshkosh was vigorous, and a request to further develop display/networking /promotional efforts at AirVenture will be supported for 2013.

   Soaring Magazine was discussed.  Content is improving, and SSF has tagged Directors to each submit an item to SSF about in-flight decisions creating a good outcome. Updating of Affiliates/Divisions and SSA ads should be improved for interest and value. Editor Coyne has assumed ad sales duties, while billing of  ads remains a staff function. We still struggle with eliciting good content for Soaring and for ssa.org.  Better integration of web content and linking between SSA and SSF will be a 2013 project. 

   SSA.org and the Sailplane Tracking Committee have an energized volunteer working on improvements for more real-time access from ID links. What began as a safety or rescue link clearinghouse has evolved into single or multi-pilot live tracking development. The outflow of this effort may create more promotional-informational-entertainment aspects for soaring publicity.

    Regulatory actions and responses were discussed under Governmental Liaison reports.  SSA has commented to the NPRM docket on jet-powered gliders. SSA is pursuing  DC-level clarifications on ramp check policy, asking for a standardization of Program Letter verbiage for Experimental Airworthiness gliders,  and SSF is tracking the publishing update on the Glider Flying Handbook with Airmen Certification.  Response was made to an incident of inappropriate DHS and local law enforcement action for overflight of a nuclear reactor in July 2012. Despite several interactions between SSA, FAA and EASA, no further action from EASA has prevented FAA action on Blanik L-13 airworthiness.

  The Board accepted the conclusions of the report submitted by the Relocation Task Force, which compared Chemung County/Harris Hill with Hobbs as a headquarters location. The Task Force reported there was no financial incentive to relocate to New York.  The Board will take no action on relocation at this time.

   The evening was concluded at the NSM's Barnaby Lecture.  Speaker Greg Cole outlined the progress of Windward Performance and his development of several distinct sailplanes, to suit different niches in soaring. The development of the DuckHawk and her racing success in 2012 was celebrated. An outline of the goals of the Perlan, a specialty-built design for high-altitude science research, and her construction and testing was  educational.

   Members are always welcome to attend Board meetings. The next meeting will be on February 23, 2013. Contact the Hobbs office for the location information.

 C. Brickner, Region 12 Director

Posted: 10/23/2012 By: Government Liaison Committee

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