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Blanik L-13 update

Blanik Update  - October 22nd

The SSA contacted the FAA over the last several months to obtain updates on the status of approving the Blanik L-13 STC approved by EASA last year.  A summary of the FAA’s response (September) to the latest request is as follows:

Six issue papers were generated for the Blanik L-13 STC:

G-1 Certification Basis
G-2, Determination of Compliance
A-1 Structural Substantiation
M-1,  ICA / Maintenance Manual Supplement Review
M-2 Non Destructive Test Procedures
M-3 Review of Preparation, Modification and Installation Instructions

The A-1, M-2 and M-3 papers are currently with EASA
The M-1 paper is in the AEG office (these are the folks that review manuals for maintenance and pilots operation,. they are a Flight Standards office) (Update 9/28, This paper is now with EASA)
The G-1 and G-2 were sent to EASA in September.

Once EASA has reviewed the papers the FAA and EASA will have a teleconference to review.

Short answer is no change for the current owners/operators.

The FAA is not planning on taking any action on the existing AD and or the STC until they get responses back from EASA.

Posted: 10/22/2012 By: Government Liaison Committee

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