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Update (1/4/13) FAA approves AMOC for Grob 109

Update from the FAA as of January 4, 2013

Please see attached the reply letter to the previous request that the FAA consider eliminating the requirements found in paragraphs (f)(1)(ii) and (f)(1)(iii) of AD 2012-10-11.  This AD affects Grob Model G 109 and G 109B powered sailplanes and has a revised compliance due date for the two noted paragraphs of January 9, 2013.  The FAA has completed this review and has determined that the requirements will need to be accomplished as specified in the AD in order to address the unsafe condition.   The person who made the request, Mr. Ron Schwenninger, has given his permission for this letter to be posted online for the benefit of all operators.  It has been posted to the www.regulations.gov website although it may take a few days to actually appear.  I appreciate any help you can provide to get this information disseminated to the sailplane community through the normal channels of the SSA.
Thanks and Best Regards,

Jim Rutherford
Aerospace Engineer, Project Support Branch, ACE-112
Small Airplane Directorate, Kansas City, MO
Federal Aviation Administration
Office:  816-329-4165
Email:  jim.rutherford@faa.gov

update letter is available here.

The FAA has approved an AMOC (Alternative Means Of Compliance) for Grob 109 AD 2012-10-11.  The AMOC delays the period of compliance for paragraphs (f)(1)(ii) and (f)(1)(iii) until January 9, 2013.  Other provisions of the AD must be complied with "within 3 months after July 9, 2012".

The FAA letter approving the AMOC is here.

AD 2012-10-11 is here.

Posted: 10/5/2012 By: Government Liaison Committee

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