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NEW ADs for Pegasus and DG-800B gliders,

This effects ALL Pegasus gliders, regardless of airworthiness category and requires replacement of all aileron and elevator hinge pins with newer correctly heat treated pins, to prevent cracking and failure of pins and nterference with control movement. This is a formal adoption by the FAA from the French service bulletin originally issued in March of 2001, and French AD of June, 2001. The correct new part numbers are SY991A. Compliance date is established as within 25 hours time in service of June 2, 2005, unless completed earlier.

Centrair 101, 101A, 101AP, and 101P gliders by serial numbers, certificated in any category. Replace rudder pedal assembly with strengthened pedals. Within 25 hours time in service after June 6, 2005. Effective June 6, 2005.

DG-800B motorgliders, certificated in any category, with Solo 2625 engines or MidWest AE 50T engines. Within the next 50 hours time in service after June 6, 2005. Modify the fuel pump and coolant pump electrical circuits. Change the DEI circuit breakers to resettable 5 amp. Solo- secure choke butterfly valve axis. Install edge protection around the DEI resettable circuit breaker. Effective June 6, 2005.

Full text can be referenced here.

C. Brickner
Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 4/22/2005 By: Government Liaison Committee

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