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We bid farewell to Goldie Harris

Goldie Harris passed away. For those of you who knew Goldie Harris there is nothing more to be said than "we will miss you". For those who didn't know her, here is a little history to let you know why this truly wonderful woman and great supporter of soaring will be missed.

Goldie and her husband Fred came to Tehachapi in 1960 and started a glider operation on the municipal airport. In June 1967 they opened the doors to Holiday Haven - their own private gliderport in Tehachapi. Fred was the one you heard about but Goldie was the smiling face and helpful person who made you welcome, answered questions, kept everyone on schedule and made sure the coffee was always hot. The pioneering work of Fred and Goldie made Tehachapi a new site for gliders and established the foundation for the wave and cross-country flying that exists there today. Supporters of the sport, the unsung heros of long days and tough times, aren't always noticed. Goldie was one such person. We remember her and her contributions - we will miss her presence.

Posted: 4/6/2001 By: General News

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