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1st World Sailplane Grand Prix Bulletin 2

2-11 September 2005 Saint Auban (France)

Bulletin No.2 (April 2005)

This is the second information bulletin for all FAI members concerning the 1st World Sailplane Grand Prix of Saint Auban. The organisation staff are working hard preparing the competition. We hope to make this first World Grand Prix an unforgettable event.

Time Schedule

Final entries due and Payment 31 May 2005

Deadline for approval of new GNSS FRs 30 June 2005

Unofficial training 29 August-2 September2005

Registration (10 am to 9 pm daily) 1- 3 September 2005

Official training 2 and 3 September 2005

First official Pilots’ briefing 2 September 2005 10 am

Configuration change closes 3 September 2005 7 pm

Opening Ceremony 3 September 2005 7 pm

Contest flying 4 –11 September 2005

Farewell party 11 September 2005 9 pm

Closing Ceremony and Prize Giving 11 September 2005 8 pm

Preliminary Entries

The list of preliminary entries received before the deadline of 31 March is attached. We received 19 entries. The high level of participation promises a most interesting event!

Final Entries

Deadline for final entries is 31 May 2005.

Entries will only be accepted if the attached entry forms are received, properly filled out, before this deadline with the entry fees paid in full and in due time. As mentioned in the first bulletin, the following rules will be used for the acceptance of entries: If there are more than 20 entries, only the 20 best-ranked in the IGC Ranking List will be accepted. If there are fewer than 20 entries, reserves will be accepted to make up a total of 20 pilots. The IGC Ranking List will be used to determine the order of the reserves.

1st World Sailplane Grand Prix Bulletin 2, Page 2

Entry Fee

The Entry Fee will be 460,00 EUR for each participating pilot and covers all operational costs during the Championship (aero tows not included).

Full payment must be received into the following bank account by May 31, 2005 (June 30 for the reserve pilots) at the latest to guarantee entry. The competitor must pay for all bank charges, including currency conversion charges.

Addresses for Correspondence

For official matters, e.g. entries etc.:

Centre National de Vol à Voile
World Sailplane Grand Prix
F- 04600 Saint Auban sur Durance

Tel : +33 (0) 492 642 971
Fax : +33 (0) 492 642 383
E-mail: info@cnvv.net

Competition Director: Roland Stuck
46 rue du Gal de Gaulle

Tel.: + 33 (0)3 88 56 03 28
Fax: + 33 (0)3 88 56 04 51
E-mail: rstuck@evc.net


The official list of turnpoints which will be used as well as turnpoint files in the most common formats can be downloaded on John Leibacher’s website:


Many thanks to John for his help !

Glider Hire

Some competitive 15 m gliders may be hired from the CNVV. For more information, please contact the CNVV : E-mail: info@cnvv.net

Account holder: Centre National de Vol à Voile

Country: FRANCE
IBAN: FR76 1010 7001 1800 3101 8356 033

For additional bank information contact : info@cnvv.net

1st World Sailplane Grand Prix Bulletin 2, Page 3


Accommodation in the CNVV facilities will be possible. The camping fee will be 9 Euro per day and per person (+ 4.9 Euro per accompanying person). Single and double rooms will also be available at 28 and 44 euros per night respectively (Breakfast included). If you are interested, please make your reservation on the attached booking form A list of hotels and tourist links is also available on the following website :



Third party insurance not excluding competitions is required for each participating glider. The required coverage is 1.5 million EUR for gliders.

Personal medical insurance is required for all team members, covering accidents and sickness, including any local hospital costs and the costs of transport back to the team memberús home country. Documentary proof of insurance shall be made available to the organising team in eitherFrench or English.

The required insurance will be available for purchase at the contest site.

Information about the Grand Prix de France 2003

Information about the Grand Prix de France run in Saint Auban in 2003 with similar rules is availableon : http://www.cnvv.net/GPF/accueil-gpf.htm

In particular, the flight logs of all competitors may be downloaded there.

European Sailplane Exhibition/ Show

During the final week end (10 and 11 September), the French Federation will combine the competition

with the Salon de Saint Auban, a European Sailplane Show. This event will comprise exhibits by the principal glider manufacturers, stands offering used bargains and an air show with the constructors presenting their latest products, vintage gliders in flight, the Big Wings of the Open Class flying to music, exhibition aerobatics by both sailplanes and powered craft and demonstrations by impressive scale models. In addition, the departures, turn-points over the field and arrivals of the Grand Prix will be an integral part of the programme. This veritable feast of gliding should attract large numbers of European enthusiasts to Saint-Auban’s airfield.

Official Homepage

More information about the 1st World Sailplane Grand Prix and the European Sailplane Exhibition is available on the official homepage: www.cnvv.net/wsgp


- List of Preliminary Entries

- Final Entry Form

- Accommodation booking form

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