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US Team Committee Election is Underway

Two positions on the 2012 US Team Committee are up for election. All SSA members are eligible to vote at:


The election is open until January 9.

The US Team Committee manages the pilot selection, organization, and funding of the SSA teams which compete in World Gliding Championships (see more at www.ssa.org > Sailplane Racing > US Teams). The committee consists of two members appointed by the SSA Board (US Team Committee Chair and Contest Committee Chair), three elected members, and the SSA Chair. The three elected members each serve staggered three year terms.

Ron Tabery’s term on the committee is up at the end of December. Doug Jacobs is retiring from the committee after many years serving as committee chairman. Bill Elliot was elected to the committee at the end of 2010, but subsequently was appointed to the committee to replace Doug as Chair. Doug agreed to serve the first year of Bill’s 3-year elected term. This year’s election will select one person to fill the three-year position currently held by Ron and a second person to fill the remaining 2 years of Bill’s elected term. Rick Walters continues to serve on the committee in his elected position.

Candidates for the two positions were nominated by SSA’s Regional Directors and are: Sarah Kelly Arnold, Peter Deane, Sean Franke, John Godfrey, and Ron Tabery.

Ken Sorenson
Contest Committee Chairman

Posted: 12/22/2011 By: US Team

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