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US Team Committee Statement Regarding the 2011 Junior WGC

During the recent JWGC, the US Team Committee (USTC) determined that the behavior and conduct of one member did not meet the standards or Code of Conduct set forth in the US Team Policies and Procedures (210 USST Team Policy & Procedures Ver 14, 01/14/04 ). The behavior and conduct were discussed with the team captain and this team member.  It was made clear that the behavior would not be tolerated; and, that if not corrected, the next course of action would be removal from the team and competition. 

Inappropriate behavior persisted, leaving no option other than removal from the team and the competition. In addition, further disciplinary actions are being taken by the USTC to include, but not limited to, a reduction in the amount of reimbursement from US Team funds. 

While the USTC deeply regrets that this action was necessary, we cannot and will not abide serious material failures of the US Team members to hold to the standards of conduct expected of all team members while representing the SSA, US Team and USA.

Bill Elliott, Chairman
US Team Committee

Posted: 8/31/2011 By: US Team

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