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1. Gliding is excluded from the drug testing requirement because of specific language in the regulations (as negotiated by the SSA). We do not have an exemption, rather we are not included in the requirements. The specific reference in question can be found in FAR 135.1.

2. The key language of 135.1 is -

135.1(c) "For the purpose of 135.249, 135.251, 135.253, 135.255, and 135.353, operator means any person or entity conducting non-stop sightseeing flights for compensation or hire in an airplane or rotorcraft that begin and end at the same airport and are conducted within a 25 statute mile radius of the airport."

Obviously, the point is that a glider, by FAA definition, is not an airplane thus we are excluded from the testing requirements.

If you have any difficulty with the authorities or just want to keep us advised of activity in your area please contact the SSA office in Hobbs anytime.

Posted: 9/15/2000 By: General News

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