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First flight of the ETA

The "superglider" ETA made its first flight on July 31. With a wingspan exceeding 100 ft and an aspect ratio over 50. The goal of the ETA project, begun in 1996, is to create a glider capable of setting world records. This requires a high glide ratio both at low and middle speeds, and a high maximum wingloading. The huge span, thin (13.2% relative thickness) wings, advanced airfoils and high maximum weight achieve this, at the cost of requiring extreme material strength.

Current plans are to test the prototype and then to produce as many as six gliders. If there is interest, the ETA may be produced in larger numbers, but the cost will certainly be high.

Technical Data
Wingspan 101.38 ft (30.9 m)
Aspect ratio 51.33
Length 32.28 ft
Maximum weight 2029.3 lb
Wing area 200.21 ft²
Wing loading 7.93-10.44 lb/ft²
Engine Solo 64 HP

For further information, see the ETA website: www.eta-aircraft.de

Posted: 8/25/2000 By: General News

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