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AD Issued on Blanik L-23 - Horiz Stab Hinge

This AD applies to all Blanik L-23 gliders, certified in any category.  This airworthiness directive (AD) becomes effective February 14, 2011.

    Before further flight after the effective date of this AD, inspect the rear horizontal stabilizer bracket critical areas (hinge welding areas) for cracks following LET Aircraft Industries Mandatory Bulletin No.: L23/053a, dated December 14, 2010.

(2) If during the inspection required in paragraph (f)(1) of this AD a crack is found, before further flight, replace the bracket following LET Aircraft Industries Information Bulletin No.: L23/054b, dated December 20, 2010.

(3) Within 10 days after the replacement required in paragraph (f)(2) of this AD, do the following actions:

(i) Send the damaged bracket to the address listed in paragraph (i)(2) of this AD.

(ii) Send a report to the address listed in paragraph (i)(2) of this AD containing the following information: Registration mark, serial number, total hours time-in-service, and number of take-offs if available) since the sailplane has been in operation.

The full text of the AD may be found at this link.

The MB L23/053a referenced in the AD is available here.

 C. Brickner,  Governmental Liaison Comm.

Posted: 1/25/2011 By: Government Liaison Committee

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