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EAA / Soaring Forums presented by Burt Compton in the Eclipse Aviation Forums Plaza:

July 28 - Friday morning 11:30 am in the AOL pavillion, "Motorglider
Criteria for Aircraft and Pilot Certification" - this will answer the typical questions regarding "self-launch" gliders and glider pilot endorsements.

July 29 - Saturday morning 8:30 am in Forum Tent # 5B, "Glider Rating for Airplane Pilots" - a seminar and presentation of the video "Transition to Gliders", for the pilot or aviation enthusiast seeking a glider rating.

July 30 - Sunday evening 6:30 pm - our annual "Soaring Enthusiasts' Dinner" at the Winemaker Restaurant in Oshkosh. You'll enjoy soaring people from around the world, famous glider pilots (actor Cliff Robertson was our special guest last year), rare soaring videos and door prizes. Visit the SSA booth in building "A" for vectors and to RSVP.

Gliders on display at EAA "Airventure" include the vintage "Golden Eagle" from Australia and the high-performance Stemme self-launch sailplane. SSA affiliates, business members, commercial operators, clubs and chapters are encouraged to send your brochures or business cards for distribution at the SSA exhibit during the week-long event. Please contact us now for shipping details to our temporary address in Oshkosh.

See you there!

Burt Compton, SSA Exhibit Manager / Publicity Chair
cellphone: (305) 812-1814

Posted: 7/19/2000 By: General News

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