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Report To The Light Aircraft Communtiy

Dear Light Aircraft Community:

It has been some time since I have given a report on activity in our community, especially regarding Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and the Light Sport Rule.

Let us give kudos for the contributions made, and continuing to be made by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), and the leadership shown by Tom Poberezny (EAA President), and Earl Lawrence (EAA VP Governmental Affairs) in this endeavor. If it were not for the EAA and their work with the FAA and LSA community, there would be no light sport standards and no way we would be at this point in 2005.

As we begin our 2005 season of show and tell at various airshows,
significant progress has been made in light sport aviation, and major
announcements regarding certification of LSA aircraft and engines will
be made.

2005 will be heralded as the year in which certified product will be
available to the general public. We will see the kickoff of a new era
of light aviation called light sport aircraft.

The public will be treated to many varieties of aircraft: fixed-wing
airplanes, powered parachutes, weight-shift aircraft (trikes), gliders
(both powered and unpowered), gyroplanes, and lighter-than-air aircraft.

LAMA has made significant contacts in the motorsports and recreational vehicle communities, and we look to future markets among the motorcycle, ATV, watercraft, snowmobile, and recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association was founded in 1984 to
serve the needs of the then light aircraft kit-built community. Since
that time, we have been involved in the original Part 103 (ultralights)
and LSA ARAC governmental committees that assisted in formulating the rules for both ultralights and light sport aircraft.

Recently, we have been actively involved in creating the ASTM consensus standards for LSA, assisting our membership and others in the LSA community in certification and bringing their LSA products to market, and developing future markets for the LSA community.

LAMA currently serves some 67 members and consultants, the essential core of the light sport community. We have an active Board of recognized industry leaders. We remain ready, and continue to serve the light sport and LSA industries.

Our best regards,
Larry Burke, President (Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association: LAMA)
Board of Directors:
Dave Martin
Phil Lockwood
Tom Peghiny
Dan Johnson
Tom Gunnarson

Posted: 4/7/2005 By: General News

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