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US Team Announces Winner of ClearNav Raffle

Photo #6887 | 2010 ClearNav RaffleWalter Cannon of Palo Alto, CA is the proud new owner of the ClearNav. The winning ticket was drawn at the R4S contest at New Castle, Va. That is Contest Manager Patty Smith holding the ClearNav Raffle "bag." Perry Pate reached in and pulled the winning ticket.  She held it up and said...."Daddy!"  That's her younger sister, Mary Parker Pate next to her.  They are the daughters of Skip and Frankie Pate. Scorer Leo Buckley supervised the proceedings.

"Needless to say I am thrilled by the news that I have won the ClearNav from the world team raffle" replied Walter when he received the notification.  "I had planned to update my flight management panel this winter so the timing for this surprise is perfect.  It will be installed in my Discus 2B as soon as I can."

Many thanks to NK and all who participated in the raffle and for supporting the US Team.

Posted: 9/24/2010 By: US Team

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